Director’s Statement

I wanted to make a movie where a character being gay is unremarkable. I think we’re heading towards a Finnish society where, between consenting adults, it won’t matter who you love or who you sleep with. I wanted to marry that thought with a traditional coming of age narrative. That’s where this project got started, but there’s more to this movie.

What you’re looking at is a time capsule. Me and my writing partner Tom took the past decade of our lives and wrote it into the movie. Our friends and families are present in every character and every event. If something didn’t ring true to us it wouldn’t stay in the script. If something was too absurd or hurtful to seem real, it absolutely had to be in the script.

We wanted to show an uncensored version of the daily life of a young Finn on the brink of adulthood, who also happens to be gay. That character is Miku, and his journey is set towards a backdrop of Finnish nature and two dysfunctional families.

The characters in SCREWED are crass, blunt and self centered. They’re misunderstood, careless and lost. But they’re also passionate, ultimately loving and endearing. Our cast greeted these characters with open arms and cherished them. Every day there was a storm of creativity on set and I believe that’s what we managed to capture in this film. I couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished.

I hope you enjoy watching our film.

– Nils-Erik Ekblom